Frequently asked questions



General (Bootcamp & Advanced)


1. How can I pre-subscribe for a course?


We sometimes offer the option to pre-subscribe for our courses before the actual dates are available. If this is possible, you will see “pre-subscription” behind the course.


2. What does a pre-subscription entail?

By pre-subscribing you are able to reserve your spot within the course without cost. You are in no way obligated to also participate in the course. Once the subscriptions open, you will be notified immediately by e-mail and then you will have three days to finalize your subscription with priority.


3. When can I subscribe for a course?


You can subscribe for a course once the definitive course dates are available on our website. If you already pre-subscribed, you will receive an automated email once the course opens.


4. Can I subscribe for multiple courses or tutoring sessions?


Yes, this is possible. You are free to subscribe for as many courses as you deem necessary. You can also combine bootcamps, advanced sessions and private courses as you prefer.  


5. For which courses will tutoring sessions be given?


Uni Tutor aims to provide courses in which the quantitative skills of students will be tested. These types courses are often seen as “more challenging”. As we guarantee quality first, we will only provide courses for which we have found strong tutors. It is therefore possible that there is not a tutoring session for every course subject.


6. Can I subscribe for a course that has already started?

This is only possible in case of a bootcamp under specific circumstances. In order to do this, you should contact


7. When and how will I receive the course materials?


You will receive the course materials once the course starts and/or after the course has finished.


8. What do I do when a course is full?


When a course is full and you try to subscribe, you will be added to our reserve list. If a spot opens up or a new course of the same subject becomes available, you will be notified immediately.


9. Can I switch courses?


This is only possible if your proposal is sent to at least 7 days before the course starts if the other course is not full yet.


10. Where will the tutoring session be located?


We aim to locate our tutoring sessions on campus or in its direct environment.


11. I will not be able to follow part of the course, what should I do?


In case of an advanced tutoring session, there is not much we can do. If this happens in the case of a bootcamp, you should notify us on at least 10 days before the course starts. You can only sign off for one day of the bootcamp courses, and will receive a partial refund of 15% of the total course price.


12. I will not be able to follow the course, what should I do?


If you already subscribed to the course and will not be able to do so anymore, you can let us know at at least 5 days before our course starts to get a full refund.


13. Can I still register after the course has started?


This is sometimes possible. If you are interested in doing so, you can email for more information.


14. How can I file a complaint about the course?


As Uni Tutor strives for great quality, we appreciate all of your feedback with open arms. If you have a complaint about one of our courses, please send an email to maximum 3 days after the course has finished. Please accurately describe your problem and provide us with the information of your specific course.


Private Tutoring

1. Can I register for multiple private tutoring sessions?


Yes, you are able to subscribe for as many private tutoring sessions as you need. Even though it is only possible to buy one course of maximum four hours per time, you can buy multiple courses of this if needed to receive all the hours you need. It is also possible to order another private tutoring session after you have already taken a similar one previously.


2. Where will the private sessions take place?


The private sessions will take place at a location you and the tutor both decide on and is therefore flexible to your own wishes.


3. How is the quality of the private tutor guaranteed?


We only select private tutors who possess the skills and confidence to help you with any problem that might arise. We select tutors through grades, experience with the specific subject and even possibly a career within the field of your course.


4. I have found a friend who would like to join my private session, but I already subscribed alone. Is it still possible for my friend to join and get the discounted price?


If the private sessions have not started yet, this is possible if you send an email to at least 2 days before your private tutoring session is supposed to start.



1. How can I pay for my chosen course?


After you have subscribed and bought our course, you will receive an automated email with further instructions of payment.


2. When do I pay?  

As your spot in the course is only confirmed once payment is received, you are advised to pay as soon as you receive the email with instructions. The payment must be received before the start of the course.



1. How can I become a tutor?


We are always excited to broaden our team of great tutors! If you are interested in tutoring, you can apply through our website under “Become a Tutor”.


2. My organization would like to cooperate with Uni Tutor. Is this possible?


Uni Tutor is always looking for opportunities. If you are interested in working with us, you can send an email to


3. My organization would like to advertise amongst Uni Tutor’s students. What are the possibilities within Uni Tutor for this?


Uni Tutor is open to possibilities for this. Get in touch with us through