Terms and conditions


This is an agreement between Uni Tutor and you (the customer). Uni Tutor pays attention to the correct display of information on its website, including information relating to the course fees. Yet it can happen that the wrong information on the website is displayed. Information on the website is not legally binding and Uni Tutor is not responsible for any detriment as result of inaccuracies.



  1. All rights to the name and logo(s) of Uni Tutor are reserved.
  2. By signing up for one or more courses or other services from Uni Tutor, the customer accepts the terms and conditions of Uni Tutor.
  3. All prices on the website of Uni Tutor are listed in euro’s.
  4. Uni Tutor reserves the right to approve a customer’s registration for a course, only after payment in advance has taken place, without giving a specific reason for requiring this.
  5. Dutch law is applicable on all agreements with Uni Tutor, unless stated otherwise.
  6. Placing an order for one of Uni Tutor’s products means you agree with all Terms and Conditions.
  7. Uni Tutor is not responsible for content on websites that are referenced or linked to on Uni Tutor’s website(s).
  8. Uni Tutor uses your personal information for proper execution of the agreement, or for carefully selected third-parties, in which Uni tutor takes into account your preferences and privacy. If you do not want your personal information to be shared with our carefully selected third-parties, please notify us by writing.
  9. Permission to use (parts of) contents displayed on this website, should be requested to Uni Tutor in writing.
  10. Uni Tutor has the right to apply changes to these terms and conditions and to any other content on the website.
  11. In any case of contradiction between the Dutch and English versions of this website, the information of the Dutch version will prevail.
  12. Uni Tutor is not responsible for any influences on the possibly not passing of a project or exam.



Tutoring Sessions

By subscribing to one of the offered tutoring sessions from Uni Tutor, the customer agrees to the following conditions:

  1. All students are expected to participate actively during all forms of tutoring which Uni Tutor provides. This includes to also make the prescribed exercises by Uni Tutor if applicable. 
  2. Before any course starts, full payment of that course should be completed.
  3. Uni Tutor reserves the right to exclude students from a course based on their behaviour. In this case no refund will be given.
  4. Uni Tutor reserves the right to cancel a course when this is necessary. In case of circumstances that compel Uni Tutor to only provide a part of the course, Uni Tutor reserves the right to do so. If this happens, the student is only required to pay for the part(s) of the course that have taken place.
  5. In case of complaints about a course or about a tutor, all complaints should be sent to info@uni-tutor.nl with a specific description of the complaint no later than three days after the last lesson of the course. Under special circumstances, decided on by Uni Tutor, partial refund is possible. After this period, complaints will not be processed.
  6. A customer is responsible for payment of the entire course, once subscribed for the course. Full course fee is to be paid even if not all lessons are attended, unless in case of a bootcamp the customer, with valid study related reason, informs uni tutor through info@uni-tutor.nl at least 10 days before the course starts. In this last case, the customer might receive a partial refund if Uni Tutor decides to do so.